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Winter Belt Test is December 6th!

This will be the first belt test for many of you! Here's some things you'll want to know about Belt Test. Belt tests are a very exciting time! The students are able to show what they've learned during the last three months and, of course, earn their new belts! Make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Starting times depend on the student’s level. Students should wear their full uniforms, no t-shirts. Students must turn in their intent to promote forms prior to testing. Kinder Kicks: 8:30 Kid Kicks: 9:50 Kid Kicks (green belts and higher): 11:00 Bring your camera! Your student will demonstrate their forms, traveling kicks, self defense, and breaking! We’d love to see your photos! Please post any pics or videos you've taken to the EK FaceBook page, Master Hsu awards special prizes in several categories. Does your student have "Best Focus" or "Best Traveling Kicks" or is he "Best Overall"? Stick around after the second belt test to watch The Demo Team. They'll perform just before the third belt test, at 11:00. They are wonderful! If you miss that performance, you can catch them later the same day at the Winter Celebration at 2:30. They’ll perform on the main stage at the North Central Baptist Hospital. The week following Belt Test is known as Bring a Buddy Week. Your student is able to bring a friend, sibling, or neighbor to class in order to try out Elite Karate. What a perfect opportunity for students to show off what they've learned to their friends! Students will earn a Red Star to wear on their uniforms for bringing a buddy to class. As always, if a student signs up due to your referral, you'll receive $50 off next month's tuition. See you at the Belt Test!

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