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In our After School Taekwondo program, kids spend their afternoons learning self-confidence, mastering the basics of Taekwondo, and making friends in a positive, healthy environment. We have lots of fun, too!

New Skills
Daily schedule

Our After School Taekwondo program is an exciting, challenging and well-structured martial arts class, coupled with a safe, nurturing and positive learning environment. While your child spends his or her afternoons with us, you can expect them to learn self-confidence, focus, respect for self and others, commitment, concentration, perseverance and good manners. These skills are not only important in the marital arts studio, but also valuable tools for other areas of their lives.

3:15 - 3:30     Arrive & prepare for class

3:30 - 3:50    Snack Time

3:50 - 5:20    Class time or stretching and Taekwondo drills

5:20 - 6:00   Fun time and prepare for parent pick-up  


Two Taekwondo classes each week in addition to weekly sparring class every Wednesday. 

Early Release and Camps

We offer convenient transportation by an Elite Karate van. We currently service the following schools (please contact us if your school is not listed):


Stone Oak Elementary    

Hardy Oak Elementary      

Wilderness Oak Elementary

Canyon Ridge Elementary

Tuscany Heights Elementary

Vineyard Ranch Elementary 

Cibolo Green Elementary

Las Lomas Elementary 

Specht Elementary 

Timberwood Park Elementary 

Kinder Ranch Elementary

Buckner Fanning Christian School

Bush Middle School

Lopez Middle School 

We follow the NEISD and Comal school calendar. We can provide pick up for early release days and camps for in service days, for an additional fee.


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