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Wilderness Oaks Kicks It!

Thank you to Wilderness Oak Elementary School, who invited us to participate in their “Getting our Kicks by Putting First Things First” Leadership Night on October 20th! We had so much fun with you!

Mr. Diego and Mr. Jorge “kicked it” with the second graders and taught front kick and axe kick to nearly 100 kids! Our Elite Karate kids who attend the school were also there to help and did a fabulous job in their “Seven Habits” performance, demonstrating what it means to be a good leader! Great

job, guys!

At Elite Karate, we have a lot of fun with practicing our martial arts. But we make sure to put “first things first” by practicing self-discipline and respect as well, both in class and in life! Our students learn to say “yes sir” and “no sir” to their teachers, how to work with partners and groups, and how to always be their best! These skills are so important to the development of young leaders and our Elite Karate students are well on their way!

Elite Karate supports achievement in all areas and promotes academic success by awarding blue star patches to all our students who earn straight A’s! Just bring in your report card to get your star so you can put it on your uniform!

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